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How to Best Approach (and Accomplish) your New Year’s Resolutions

2018 has arrived, and for many people so, too, have New Year's resolutions. So, if you have goals this year pertaining to fitness, wellness, or weight loss, I thought I would share my advice on achieving your goals through gradual, but maintainable changes. I know your first instinct may be to change everything at once,… Continue reading How to Best Approach (and Accomplish) your New Year’s Resolutions

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Why Motivation is Overrated

I've gotten so many messages over the last few months from people asking me how to find motivation - motivation to lose weight, to go to the gym, to change their lifestyle. Here's the thing, motivation is overrated. Now, don't get me wrong, motivation is an important piece of the puzzle. Motivation is almost always… Continue reading Why Motivation is Overrated

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Getting Back on the Wagon

       I think we've all, at some point, found ourselves in what I'll call a fitness or diet "rut." You want to exercise and eat healthy, but you fall off the wagon and find yourself unable to get back on. I often receive emails from people saying that they used to eat so… Continue reading Getting Back on the Wagon

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Keys To A Successful Lifestyle Change

       Changing your lifestyle for the very first time can be incredibly overwhelming. Changing your diet and getting active can be daunting when you're not even sure where to start. Overhauling your lifestyle overnight may seem like the right answer, but in my opinion, gradually making changes is the key to long lasting… Continue reading Keys To A Successful Lifestyle Change