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An Open Letter to Those Battling Depression

To You Who Needs to Hear This - From My Heart to Yours, In 2015, I took the screen out of my 5th floor apartment window, stuck my head outside, and tried to determine if the jump would kill me, or just terribly injure me. I was already in so much pain emotionally, the last… Continue reading An Open Letter to Those Battling Depression


My Take On Sponsored Content 

Sponsored posts and ads seem to be flooding Instagram, especially with the rise of "Influencers" and "Brand Ambassadors." Though I do have a following on social media (which I am unbelievably grateful for), I don't consider myself to be an Influencer, and I've yet to become an ambassador for any brands. (Probably because I curse… Continue reading My Take On Sponsored Content 

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Why Motivation is Overrated

I've gotten so many messages over the last few months from people asking me how to find motivation - motivation to lose weight, to go to the gym, to change their lifestyle. Here's the thing, motivation is overrated. Now, don't get me wrong, motivation is an important piece of the puzzle. Motivation is almost always… Continue reading Why Motivation is Overrated


My Fav Books For Personal Growth

         A few years ago when my life absolutely fell apart, I found myself frequenting the "Self-Help" section at the bookstore out of absolute desperation. Little did I know, I would end up reading books that had a wildly profound impact on the way that I think, behave, and now choose to… Continue reading My Fav Books For Personal Growth