HIIT: HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This type of training involves alternating between short bursts of intense exercise, and short periods of rest. 

PLYO: PLYO stands for PLYOMETRICS. This type of training is sometimes referred to as “jump training”, as it’s focus lies on quick, explosive movements. 

Before I share this at-home HIIT workout with you, I want to make it clear that I personally would NOT recommend this style of training for anyone with joint issues or joint pain, especially knee or hip issues. Explosive movements like jumping can be taxing on your joints, especially if performed with incorrect form, so my recommendation is to ALWAYS consult with a doctor, personal trainer, or both if you have any concerns about the movement(s) you should or should not be doing. Furthermore, if you do not have any known joint issues but are new to HIIT, I always recommend that you focus MORE on your form and LESS on reps and weight. 


EQUIPMENT USED: Bench, Dumbbells, Bosu Ball (Optional), Barbell w/ Plates (Could substitute with Dumbbells.)

15 Broad Jumps

30 Step-Ups (Onto Bench)

15 Weighted Walking Lunges

15 Barbell Close Squats (Feet Close Together)

15 Jump Squats

15 Weighted Walking Lunges

30 Split Jumps (Hands on Bosu Ball or on floor)

30 Reverse Lunge + Knee Lift (15 per side)

15 Barbell Sit Squats (Sit onto Bench)

15 Weighted Sumo Squats

15 Barbell Close Squats (Feet Close Together)

15 Bosu Ball Burpees (Or Standard Burpees without Bosu)

30 In + Out Jump Squats

15 Barbell Squat Pulses 

30 Split Jumps (Hands on Bosu Ball or on floor)


Substitute or modify exercises as you see fit. Exercises that are weighted can be done using only your body weight, if you do not feel comfortable using weights. When using weights, always choose weights that you feel comfortable lifting. Focus more on form, and less on reps and weight. And, if you have any concerns or uncertainties about your workouts, consult with a professional at your gym, they are there to help you!





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