Weight Training: Lower Body Workout

       Since I don’t film my workouts (because I workout alone, at home, in my basement that has terrible lighting), I thought I could still share the workouts that I do outside of BBG. While I still do BBG, I really enjoy lifting weights, so I incorporate weight training into my routine. I try to consistently switch up my workouts, so some days I do more exercises than others, or use lighter or heavier weights, or do less or more sets. Here is a sample of a lower body workout that I did last week, where each exercise is performed for 1 set only, using moderate weights. (Keep in mind that this workout will be less or more challenging depending on the weights that you use, and depending on your physical ability. 


Workout Bench

Barbell (Can use a dumbbell instead)


Bosu Ball (Optional)

Ankle Weights (Optional)


5 minute walk on Treadmill

25 Bosu Squats (If no access to Bosu, “air” squats will suffice)

15 Walking (Non-Weighted) Lunges


15 Barbell Sit Squats (If no access to barbell, use one or two heavy dumbbells instead)

15 Weighted Step Ups (15 per leg) (With dumbbell in each hand) (Ankle Weights Optional)

15 Weighted Walking Lunges (Dumbbell in each hand by sides OR dumbbells held on shoulders)

15 Weighted Hip Bridges

15 Knee Ups on Bench (15 per leg) (Ankle Weights Optional)

15 Weighted Curtsy Lunges (15 per leg)

15 Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats (15 per leg)

15 Sumo Squats (Holding one heavy dumbbell)

15 Close Squats (Feet/Legs together) (Using barbell OR one dumbbell)

15 Weighted Calf Raises (Dumbbells at side or using a barbell)

15 Pulse Squats (Either with barbell or with one dumbbell in hand)

15 Side Lunges (Holding one dumbbell) (15 per side)


5 minute walk on Treadmill OR Stretching on Yoga Mat (Stretching should be done regardless, but can also be used as a cool down).

If this workout isn’t challenging enough for you, feel free to repeat certain exercises for multiple sets, or to increase the weights that you use. If this workout is too challenging for you (do not be embarrassed, fitness is not a competition), feel free to decrease the amount of reps, perform certain exercises without weights, or to remove certain exercises from the workout completely. (Bulgarian split squats are really difficult in the beginning, I still struggle miserably with them, so don’t feel defeated if an exercise like this is too challenging for you right now.) And always use a weight that you feel comfortable with, don’t worry about what weights I use, or what weights you see other women at the gym lifting, because it doesn’t matter. Do what works best for you.


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